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Subject: Take time to know her/him...
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ilovejes 29.12.08 - 01:15pm
Is it 1..INFATUATION.... .confused.GIF meaning: filled with intense Unreasoning love..be carefull take time to get to know the person b4 u wake up later nd realise u dnot love him/her...or is it...2..LOVE....love3.GIF meaning: A warm liking or affection. romantic relationship between 2 ppl who are inlove.....cupid.GIF *

oubaas 15.01.09 - 11:37am
Very true!! *

ilovejes 18.01.09 - 11:34am
Aint nothing wrong with LOVE.. Love is an emotion Complete in itself.. It develops in the Heart of a mature man/woman.. So if ur looking for LOVE , 1st grow urself into a mature man/woman then go for it, LOVE will grow in ur heart love3.GIF *

anilan 27.09.11 - 06:10pm
Hw cn some 1 knwz if its infatuation o love pliz help? *

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