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Subject: Who do u love?
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ilovejes 24.12.08 - 04:52pm
Dont be shy... Do tell *

sonja_tg 26.12.08 - 07:34am
i love all my friends and family. and the kitty-cat-chat heart.GIF greetings sonja wave.GIF *

ilovejes 26.12.08 - 08:07am
The love of family nd friends enrich our lives flowers.GIF *

ilovejes 26.12.08 - 08:11am
Thanks for ur input sonja, Thats so true girl! welcome.GIF *

oubaas 26.12.08 - 11:05am
I love Jesus Christ my Lord, my Saviour.

Nesy8rL1RVYQIW0HMlSw.gif *

ilovejes 26.12.08 - 01:26pm
The greatest love of all.,.the love of God manifested in Jesus who love us nd gave Himself a ransome for our sin love2.GIF *

oubaas 26.12.08 - 04:11pm
Amen pray.GIF *

ilovejes 26.12.08 - 04:47pm
Amen oubaas.. love is from God nd he/she who loveth not..know not God..for God is lovelove2.GIF *

sonja_tg 28.12.08 - 12:50am
hello.GIF your welcome sweety, good luck with the group! 2thumbs_up.GIF *

ilovejes 28.12.08 - 05:30am
Thanks sonja, by God grace we can do all things! flower.GIF God bless u! *

joy10 28.04.11 - 12:15am
I love, whose investment in life is to invest in CHRIST *

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